Helle Jensen

Helle Jansen… graduated as a psychologist and works as a family therapist. She draws her experience from many years of working as a clinical psychologist within the Danish school system but also as private practioner.
Also for a long time Helle Jensen worked as a teacher for the Kempler Institute in Denmark and Norway with staff responsibility for teachers and signing for teaching program.
Further she was teaching ‘family counselling’ at Salzburg and also teaches for Familylab in Germany.
Helle Jensen published numerous professional essays and papers and also co-authored with Jesper Juul in: Juul & Hensen “Vom Gehorsam zur Verantwortung”, Beltz 2009 (‘From obedience to responsibility’). and she is one of the five authors who worked together on the book “Miteinander” published in 2012 by Beltz.
Further information at www.psykologhellejensen.dk