Axel Maychrzak

Axel Maychrzak…is a psychologist and psycho therapist.

Axel Maychrzak was trained as a family therapist at the Kempler Institute of Scandinavia. After his graduation he continued working at the institute as a teacher and consulent. Since the year 2003 he has been teaching at Jesper Juul’s ‘family counselling’ in Germany and Austria.

Axel Maychrzak worked for the parish of Århus as a psychologist with special responsibility for families on an inpatient therapy. Since 1991 he has been conducting single, partner and family therapies in his own therapeutic praxis.

Besides running his own praxis Axel Maychrzak acted as the professional head at Pykoterapeutisk Institut in Århus (piaa) until summer 2012. At this institute and at numerous other occasions he has been working as a trainer, as a psychologist, as a therapist and as a supervisor for self-organised groups. Also he is a co-founder of ddif.

His special interests are in relational work, early bonds, personality disorder, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic interactions, stress, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and interactions between groups and individuals.