„Encounters are most important in order to develop abilities we need to manage future experiences. Those encounters within our family – in former times or now – support and influence our abilities most.“

Walter Kempler, 1989

Family perspective is the central thread for the training at ddif. Our work is based on dialogue and the focus on relations and process. Encounters in the ‘Here and Now’ continually offer the chance to further develop ones personality.

Values of our joint work are transparency, equal dignity and responsibility. The personality of the therapist plays a central role in experiential family therapy.

Encounters in counselling sessions are fundamentally shaped by the therapist’s emotional basis, his or her ability to establish contact and inner presence, the ability to work with timing and a personal style along with the intellectual basics. The psycho-therapeutic process is framed by theoretical knowledge but even more by the therapist’s ability to show emotional presence, sincerity, true interest and empathy towards the client. Thus the client is offered the opportunity to develop personally decisively.