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Relation, process and dialogue are the cornerstones for contemporary family therapy and educatione. These principles have been essentially shapedand brought forward by Walter Kempler and Jesper Juul.

In 2010 ddif was founded and established this approach by its training program. ddif stands for ‘Deutsch-Dänisches Institut für Familientherapie und Beratung’, which is German for ‘German-Danish Institute for Family Therapy and Counselling’.

We provide a training program in family therapy over four years. In case of empty slots it may be possible to join the current basic training of the first two years only. The first two classes of the German training are running already. We enjoy their intensive work and we are looking forward to a third class starting in 2013.

The first training programme in the English language starts in 2014. We like intend to enable participants from all over Europe to take our training and to encourage them to work with the basic principles elaborated by Jesper Juul. Therefore, in 2014 we will start the first training program in the English language.

Jesper Juul himself supported the initiative of the institute for experiential family therapy.

We kindly acknowledge that for our training we were able to adopt elements of the established course programm of the Institute of Psychotherapy in Århus (Denmark). We are thankful to Niels Möller, head of the institute, and to Axel Maychrzak , whose help was and is essential.

Beyond training, ddif provides advise and develops individual training programs for teams and institutions.

Please note that some parts of this site are stillunder construction.

Christine Ordnung Unterschrift
Christine Ordnung
Berlin, August 2012